Numidie Bar and Bistro Crystal Palace

ALGERIAN AND FRENCH CUISINE : 48 Westow Hill, Crystal Palace SE19 1RX  Tel: 0208 766 6166




Mixed Olives (v) - Marinated in extra-virgin olive oil, herbs & lemon, served with homemade bread £3.95


Home-made bread, served with olive oil & balsamic vinegar £2.95



Hummus and Falafel (v) - Chickpea & Tahini puree, spiced with olive oil & paprika, served with Falafel and warm pita bread £6.50


Harira (v) - Traditional North African vegetable and lentil soup spiced with coriander and served with home-made bread £4.95


Calamari de Meramare - Stuffed baby squid and spiced crab meat £6.50


Merguez - Traditional North African spicy sausage grilled & served with chili oil, a side salad & home-made bread £6.50

Bric (v) - Pan fried filo pastry filled with feta cheese & spinach £6.50


Baba ganoush (v) - Mashed roasted aubergine with tahini and garlic, served with warm pitta bread £6.50

Hallomi Salad (v) – Grilled Hallomi cheese, with roasted belle red peppers and tahini sauce, served with warm pitta bread £6.50

Aubergine Mechouia (v) - Grilled aubergine in a tomato and garlic olive oil, glazed with gruyere cheese, served with a salad garnish and home-made bread £6.50

King Prawn Burek – Oven baked spiced king prawn burek wrapped in filo pastry with a mixed pepper compote £6.50


Platter for 2 to share - Merguez, bric, hummus, mixed olives, spicy potatoes, baba ganoush and warm pitta bread £13.95